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"Since 2014 I have had the pleasure of training with both Jackie and Scotty. They are consummate professionals and I feel very fortunate to have them as my trainers."


''I feel very fortunate to have them as my trainers.''

"I am very fortunate to have trained twice a week with Scott since 2012, first at Bay Club Marin and now at IRON + SALT. Scott is a very experienced trainer and highly committed to his own professional development and to each of his clients. He is always well prepared, creative, and flexible in the workouts he designs for me, adjusting easily on the fly to any physical limitations that arise for me from time to time. He focuses on my form and how far I am willing to be pushed, but always in a relaxed and enjoyable conversational style, with plenty of laughs.

-Mark S.

I also appreciate how he has designed his studio to be comfortable and safe during the pandemic. Scott has also helped me with my home workouts, suggesting equipment that I might buy and workouts that are enjoyable and useful to me. We even did a Facetime training session that, despite my skepticism, went surprisingly well. I couldn’t recommend Scott more enthusiastically!"

I look forward to my workouts with Scott and have made gains in strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility.

"Having trained with both Jackie and Scott, I can heartily recommend both of them. With Jackie I worked on functional training and core work. This helped me as I move through life with all the lifts, twists, squats, and balancing one does on a daily basis. With Scott, the emphasis was on overall muscular focus with an eye towards lifelong strength. You can't go wrong training with either one of them! They both will tailor your workout to your specific needs and goals".

-kathleen k.

"I started working with Jackie about three months after having my first baby. She helped me learn my new body and taught me how to move safely and confidently again."

- andrea S.

"Jackie has been my one-on-one trainer every week since I moved back to Marin County in 2012. Working-out with Jackie is a joy! She is extremely knowledgable, professional, and observant, thus understanding my individual needs when exercising.Though I’m not a fan of the gym or even working-out, Jackie actually makes our sessions fun! Her enthusiasm continues to inspire me every week to show up and give it my all - which in turn keeps me fit and toned! Everyone should have a Jackie in their life!!"

- cami e.

''Everyone should have a Jackie in their life!!''

"My husband Matt, first started training with Scott at the Bay Club in 2018. The joke between them was that Scott could never show up with the same workout twice. We both have been training outside in our courtyard with Scott since the beginning of Covid and he remains true to the deal! Scott is fantastic! He is by far the best trainer we have ever had. Scott is a consummate professional and has the best disposition;

''I am privileged to have worked with Scott for the last few years. Scott is creative, meticulous, and fun. He meets you where you are and makes you better and stronger.''

-mark s.

He is diligent and comes prepared to each session with a written workout. Scott consistently checks in with us to make sure we are enjoying the workouts and he does not have a problem changing course if one of us is injured or needs a modification. Scott loves a challenge and is always looking to improve his game, hence that is what makes him such a great trainer for us!"

-matt and shawn g.

he always has a smile on his face and a great story. 

Scott Salsgiver was referred to me by a dear friend who had been training with him for some time. My friend knew i had specific requirements , and I was very adamant about what I wanted in a personal trainer. Scott exceeded my exceptions to say the least. He not only shows up with a contagiously great attitude but prepared to tackle the sessions we have together with a detailed plan in hand.

I have been training with him since 2020  and have yet to have a workout duplicated. He keeps our training sessions fun, productive and rewarding. 

I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is the best of the best!


"I have worked out with Scott for 5 years and I have benefited so much over the years. I am 75 and he has helped me with every challenge my aging body throws out. He is such a good man with a wealth of information and heart.."


''I have benefitted so much over the years.''

"Since 2012 I have known and worked with Jackie & Scott. My goal was strengthening and overall fitness as I hoped to age well into midlife & beyond. I was also physically and emotionally challenged by a strenous recovery post 10 years of serious health setbacks and treatments. Today, in my mid sixties, I can truthfully say my overall fitness, health and vitality has never been better. This I credit, in no small part, to the individualized fitness plan, the kind, yet specially strong coaching of Iron and Salt.  I am now more than capable to actively engage in life in every way I desire.


The emotional wellness and enthusiasm I feel everyday in approaching life is directly linked to my increased sense of vitality and wellness. It is with deep gratitude I thank you, Jackie & Scott."

I am able to excel in physical activities, competitive sports and hobbies I wouldn’t have dreamed were possible 10 years ago.

"Jackie + Scott are not your average trainers. They are exceptional in what they do - organized, thoughtful and effective in their programming. I love starting my day in their beautiful, well kept, state-of-the-art gym space, nestled among gorgeous rolling hills and the most spectacular sunrises! On top of everything else, they make working out feel like you’re (productively) hanging out with long lost friends. If you’re looking to get in shape and have fun while doing so, book a session with Iron + Salt now! Can’t recommend them enough.".


"I’ve been training with Jackie and have never felt so supported in my fitness and health journey like I do with her. I came to her burned out on cardio and barely able to do a plank. Now I look forward to our workouts and see measurable and sustainable improvement!"


"Scott is easily the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. His routines are meticulously tailored to each of his client’s goals, and he changes workouts up each session to ensure every muscle gets the attention it needs. He’s also very patient and good at explaining movements, even over Facetime/Zoom. I’ve noticed huge improvements in my strength and endurance. If you’re looking for a trainer, look no further!"


''If you're looking for a trainer, look no further!''

"Working out with Iron + Salt is the highlight of my week! I started training not knowing that my form was off and my posture was suffering as a result. In a few months, Jackie corrected my workout form and added exercises to bring my shoulders back into alignment. 

Additionally, no two workout is ever the same. Beyond that, both Jackie and Scott are absolutely delightful humans that I love spending time with. An hour training FLIES by and I'm always sore the next day. Not to mention that their beautiful home gym happens to be right next to a trailhead. The sunrise, sunset, and nature vistas are unparalleled. Iron + Salt is without a doubt one of the greatest gifts of this past year. Thank you, I+S!"


I feel healthy and strong! 

Jackie & Scott are amazing! I can’t say enough about how great it has been to work with them. Jackie trains me twice per week and the workouts are always challenging, dynamic, and fun. Jackie is really supportive with everything from my physical health to mental and emotional health which makes our work together even more impactful. 

Love, love, love!


"So much love and gratitude for Jackie and Iron + Salt Fitness. After turning 40, I wanted to feel strong in my body again. Jackie not only built my confidence around weight lifting - she doubled my strength level. I have never felt this strong in my entire life. I’m doing things I never thought I’d be capable of, and funny enough, I find myself looking forward to meeting all the new challenges she designs for me.

-AMy C.

Jackie may have started as my trainer, but she has quickly become a dear friend. If you're seeking a personal trainer who is a fitness guru as well as having someone invested in your fitness journey, then look no further than Jackie with Iron + Salt Fitness. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jackie's authentic commitment to my fitness has kept me motivated and energized to see where I can ultimately go on my fitness journey.

Jackie has been training my friend and I together twice a week for two years. It's been transformative and I highly recommend Iron and Salt. We like it so much that we recently added a third training session each week. Jackie makes sure I get a full body workout in each session, and creates an environment that's relaxed but motivating. Training with Iron and Salt has been the most effective form of exercise for me and continues to challenge me. I am so much stronger and more fit because of it. I've done both in person and virtual trainings, and Jackie has gone above and beyond to make schedule adjustments when we are traveling or have things come up, to make sure we keep our training sessions and maintain consistency. I genuinely look forward to training and am so grateful to get to work with them!

- Mar

A friend and I have been doing buddy training with Jackie for almost two years. She is great! I feel stronger and healthier. We had some 8lb and 10 lb weights when we started and we've had to keep buying more - now we have up to 40 lbs! Jackie makes the workouts interesting and challenging. She's also great and easy to talk to which makes me look forward to our workouts. Last, she is very accommodating and flexible when we have to make schedule changes. She knows how important it is to stick to a regular workout so when we have conflicts, she always tries to find a way. This is what has kept me coming for 2 years! Highly recommend Jackie.

-Jennie O.

''I feel stronger and


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